NGO Accountability Self-Assessment Guidelines

NGO Accountability Self-Assessment Guidelines are a set of guides that cover seven different areas, ranging from the nonprofit organization principle and governance to fundraising integrity, financial transparency and information disclosure, so as to encourage NPOs to achieve organizational accountability.

TaiwanTaiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance

The goal of the Guidelines is to strengthen the trust of the public towards NPOs, as well as help donors to better understand the operations of NPOs. At the same time, the Guidelines also aim to encourage NPOs to achieve organizational accountability in order to further the philanthropic image and social mission of NPOs.

Year established

2012 (2014 last modified)

Participating organizations

224 members of Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance

Intended Users

Social Welfare Organizations

List of sections/components of the tool/system
  1. The nonprofit principle of the organization
  2. Organizational governance and supervision
  3. Fundraising integrity
  4. Service performance
  5. Financial transparency
  6. Information disclosure
  7. Avoidance of conflict of interest
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Is it intended to serve as a “code of conduct/ethics”?


Is it intended to be a self-regulation mechanism?


Is this a certification/accreditation system?


Does it involve any award?

The傳善Award(傳善獎), which is held by the Aurora Group, recognizes and awards 8 middle-sized non-profit organizations each year in Taiwan which serve disadvantaged groups with innovative solutions. Taiwan NPO Self-regulation Alliance membership is regarded as one of the evaluation criteria by the Award (not necessary but a plus).

Does it involve a rating system?



We are on a lookout to find good accountability practices in Asia-Pacific. If you feel that your organization provides a good example, use the following form to send us the information! If you have a question, please contact us.