CSO Accountability Portal

Gateway to CSO Accountability Good Practices in Japan and Asia-Pacific

About this site

Developing, maintaining and upgrading a good accountability practice is a lifeline of a civil society organization (CSO). CSOs promote and demand that decision-makers be held accountable to citizens. In order to walk the talk, CSOs themselves must be held accountable to their own stakeholders, including donors, members, constituents and the general public.

We believe that CSOs need to self-regulate in terms of developing and maintaining their accountability practices including financial oversight, transparency and information disclosure, public support and effective management. This is needed because the government will attempt to regulate CSO behaviors or to set standards ? due to public demand ? if there is no accepted standard.

With this portal site, Japan NPO Center (JNPOC) would like to introduce what practices exist in Asia-Pacific as well as within Japan’s nonprofit sector to ensure organizational accountability, which has not been well-known in the CSO community in Asia-Pacific. We hope that this attempt will promote exchange of ideas for the enhancement of accountability among CSOs in Asia-Pacific.

South KoreaKorea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation (KCOC)
JapanJapan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC)
JapanThe People's Conference Aimed at Encouraging Excellent NPOs
IndiaVoluntary Action Network India (VANI)
TaiwanTaiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance

We are on a lookout to find good accountability practices in Asia-Pacific. The initial sample cases are listed above. If you feel that your organization provides a good example, send us the information! If you have a question, please contact us.